Class Descriptions

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    Ballet is a key ingredient to a dancer’s training. Ballet teaches the dancer the value of discipline, focus and determination. It increases strength, body awareness and balance. Ballet also allows students to explore music and history. Our program is based on the Royal Academy of Dance ballet syllabus. We offer graded and vocational examinations. Dancers may also have the opportunity to take Russian exams. Students wishing to participate in exams may do so at the discretion of the ballet director. Dancers wishing to participate in examinations must attend 2 classes per week. Ages 3 and up


    Jazz is a classical technical style mixed with a new age twist full of fun and energy. Jazz is designed to give students technique and style integrated with developing flexibility, strength and a sense of musicality. The class consists of a warm-up, centre technical work, progressions ad a combination.

    Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels.


    Tap is one of the oldest American art forms. It arose form a huge melting pot of ideas, customs, music and dance styles. With the exception of Spanish dance, it is the only field that incorporates the element of sound. Tap is the best way to enhance co-ordination, rhythm, and musical understanding. All the classic steps and their history will be learned along with lots of fun new elements. The class consist of a warm-up, centre technical work, progressions, and a combination.

    Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels


    Lyrical/Contemporary class provides a great escape for dancers. It allows the dancer to interpret the music and let their body tell the story. It combines elements of ballet, jazz, modern, and sometimes hip-hop due to the isolation work involved. The class consists of a warm-up, progressions, and a combination.Intermediate and Senior levels only.

    Hip Hop

    Hip Hop is a funky style that uses body isolations, jumps and rhythm. It is full of energy and is danced to the latest pop, R&B, and hip-hop music. All music used is age appropriate and fee of any profanity. The class consists of a warm-up, combinations and floor-work.Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels