Royal Academy of Dance

Every other year The Listowel School of Dance offers The Royal Academy of Dance Examinations. This is an opportunity for our ballet students to learn and perfect specific skills and to demonstrate them in a formal environment- in an exam or a class award. Dancers who participate in examinations and presentations can benefit in many ways, increasing their knowledge of ballet and adding to their sense of self-esteem and achievement.

The Royal Academy of Dance exams are offered for the following levels:

Pre-Primary to Grade 8

These ballet levels start with the fundamentals of ballet (Pre-Primary level) and progress to a very advanced level (Grade 8 award). The students study classical ballet as well as free movement and folk dances from other countries (character work). Students may be invited to take an exam or class award in this stream, which are offered at The Listowel School of Dance studio in April.

Intermediate Foundations to Advanced 2

These ballet levels further develop the fundamentals of classical ballet and pointe work and are structured toward students who wish to study ballet in more depth. Exams, which are conducted in Waterloo, are by invitation only and are available throughout three exam periods in the year- summer, fall and spring.

Please note: At the Listowel School of Dance we acknowledge that all dancers are unique and develop at their own rate. We strive always to help our dancers meet their goals and take the exams they wish to take when they are physically prepared to do so.

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The Society of Russian Ballet

In a recital year, ballet students may be offered the opportunity to take an exam from the Russian Society of Ballet syllabus. The Society of Russian Ballet is a dance education and training organization that promotes healthy technical and artistic training utilizing the Vaganova Method. These exams are much like an R.A.D. exam, but there is no class award level offered. The students demonstrate their skills in classical ballet before an examiner and in the presence of the instructor.

These exams will be held in February at The Listowel School of Dance.

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Please note: There are extra fees required for all exams and presentations to cover entrance fees, accompanist fees and extra preparation classes.