Jane Laurin / DIRECTOR Ryerson University Dance Diploma, RAD TC, SRB Asscoc.

Jane Laurin

Educator, award winning choreographer, and dancer, Jane Laurin brings with her an extensive choreographic and performing career with credits such as the Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival, Toronto Dance Fringe Festival and many community events in the south-western Ontario area.


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Jessica Adair / TEACHER



Jess Adair

Jessica is thrilled to share her passion and knowledge with the students of The Listowel School of Dance.

Through her years of teaching in Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Ballet, Hip Hop, and Musical Theatre, Jessica has always maintained that hard work and dedication should be accompanied by one thing – Fun! Jessica trained competitively, assisted, and has taught at post studio’s such as Dance Adventure in Kitchener, On Stage Dance Studio in Stratford, and The City of Kitchener.


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Stephanie Reid / TEACHER


Stephanie Reid

Beginning at age three  and up to age 16, Stephanie trained in Waterloo, then moved to Belleville to train full time at the Quinte Ballet School of Canada.   She graduated in June of 2012 with excellence and was awarded the  QBSC Guild Award.


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Debra Jones / TEACHER


Debra Jones

Debra has been dancing, singing and acting since the age of three. Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Ms. Jones trained at, among other studios, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, and successfully completed many jazz, tap and ballet exams in RAD, Al Gilbert Syllabus, CDTA, and ADAPT.


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Ashley Geddes / TEACHER


Ashely Geddes

Ashley Geddes graduated from George Brown College’s Dance Program in 2014 and has been teaching and sharing her love of dance since then. She taught and choreographed recently for Move with Grace Dance Studios where she also took on a choreographing apprenticeship in 2010 and has also assisted through out her many years of dance training.


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Student Teacher Program



Student Teacher ProgramAt the Listowel School of Dance we want our students to experience every aspect of dance. When the opportunity arises, our senior students may be selected work on the other side of the class room as a student teacher. Through our student teacher program, senior students are guided through the process of teaching. Our senior instructors help them to structure their lesson plans and give them guidance and advice when working with our younger children. We hope this program will improve our student teacher’s understanding of dance for themselves; and will give them experience if they choose to pursue a career as a dance professional or dance instructor.